A little bit of TMC HISTORY...

photo of the shop in 1998 TMC shop in 1998
  • The first ever TMC T-shirts were made by 16 year old Yosuke Henry Hamazaki, wanting to start a freestyle skiing t-shirt brand.
  • Yosuke starts competing in Mogul contests coached by Mike Douglas.
  • TMC shop opens in the upstairs inventory storage space for Whistler Gifts & Sports (Now Freeriderz).
  • TMC befriends World cup Freestyle skiing athletes. And they encourage growth of the shop.
  • Top athletes' support helps TMC shirts to fly off the shelf.
  • TMC Mogul & Freeride Ski Suits are made (Mogul Bomber series, and Flyte Force suit).
  • Yosuke & JP Auclair get Oakley sponsorship from Jean-luc Brassard. (During summer camps)
  • Word spreads to Japan and 9 shops hop onto the TMC wave and carry products (2nd set of suits produced, Black Bomber, Catseye, One-way).
  • TMC Riders project initiated: Rex Thomas, Myles Ricketts, Yosuke Henry Hamazaki, Alex Vu, Dale Begg-smith (2006 Olympic Gold)
  • TMC shop friends: Tanner Hall, Toby Dawson, Evan Dybvig, Tae Satoya
  • First TMC Hakuba shop opens in Japan.
  • TMC adds Kristy Richards (now Olympian), Jeremy April...
  • Jonny Mosely rides with the TMC shirts after Olympic Gold.
  • TMC Brand (upstairs) & Freeriderz shop (downstairs) become TMC FREERIDERZ.
  • New Suit produced: TMC Million Air
  • TMC produces new project: TRIBAL SKI TEAM
  • TMC becomes 1st ARMADA SKIS dealer.
  • Yosuke & Myles start camps in Japan & Whistler.
  • New suit produced: Asylum, Raptor
  • TMC FREERIDERZ sponsors Belarus Freestyle Olympic team.
  • Shop gains momentum with TV, Video and Magazine write-ups.
  • Dana Flahr (Pro Skier) starts working as a shop kid.
  • TMC crew: Yosuke, Chris Turpin, Robbie Dagg, Ryan Mckeeman, James Hillier, Mauro Nunez, Dana Flahr, Rob Demontigny, B-Boy Bounce, Marc Abma, Anthony Boronowski, Myles Ricketts, Rex Thomas...
  • Belarus Team gets Bronze & Silver medals in Aerials at Saltlake Olympics.
  • TMC becomes TRUE MATRIX CORE (True - Dana, Matrix - Chris Turpin, Core - Yosuke).
  • Dana Flahr, Chris Turpin, Marc Abma, Anthony Boronowski hit the big time.
  • New wave of Freeriders emerge...
  • TMC Friends: TJ Schiller, Josh Bibby, Austin Ross, Kye Peterson, Sean & Callum Petit, Tanner Hall, CR Johnson, Sarah Burke, Corey Vanular, Tanner Rainville etc.
  • Dana Flahr gets voted "SKIER OF THE YEAR", and helps coach Tribal Ski Team.
  • TMC BEANIES hit Whistler's Style Scene like a storm.
  • New and Custom Products produced by the shop, keep TMC -- Original & Innovative.
  • Sarah Burke claims TMC as favourite shop on MTV! Voleurz @ TMC
  • TMC FREERIDERZ Hits 15 Years!!! Thanks to all who have helped us get to now...