TMC Friends

TJ Schiller
TJ Schiller waxes here!!!

JP Auclair, Anthony Boronowski
JP Auclair and Anthony Boronowski visited TMC Freeriderz

TJ Schiller in the pipe

Throughout the years, the TMC FREERIDERZ shop has been a gathering ground for a myriad of notorious athletes and important faces from both skiing and snowboarding. Since the shops' opening in 1994 We have always been indebted to the generosity of our friends who represent our shop, and they continue to do so even if they have other sponsors. Since our start in 1994 as "The Mogul Corner", TMC has always been like our home and we have always welcomed customers in that same demeanor. Many customers and friends have since taken skiing to a whole new level. Some recognizable shop patrons whom we have known since they were groms: Tanner Hall, Tj Schiller, Josh Bibby, Mark Abma, Chris Turpin, Kye Peterson, and the list goes on... some former staff have even gone pro, such as Dana Flahr, Myles Ricketts, Rex Thomas, etc...breakedancers such as b-boy bounce(from Mighty Zulu Kings/Boogie Brats crew), and even top pro photographer such as Dan Carr.

Being a small shop nestled within the Whistler Village and surrounded by many "dog-eat-dog" corporate shops, our loyal customers and these friends have been the main ingredient of our success. 15 years has past since our opening, and now as the premiere Freeride shop in North America with 2010 Olympics peaking near the corner our goal is to continue showcasing products that are original, of quality, and fun during these times and without selling out as a mere Olympic logo store.

we are here with a vengeance....
and we're here to stay...