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TMC Exclusive Interview with Mike Douglas

We caught up with the man himself, Mike Douglas, who is the undisputed pioneer of freekiing and the twintip revolution. Mike has been an intergral part in TMC Freeriderz and its 15 year history, and his generosity has been the key to our growth as skiers, as a shop, and as a brand.

  1. When you created the first twintip, did you think that this many kids would start utilizing your design to this extent? both on the mountain as riders and ski companies... No, we had no idea it would be the revolution it turned out to be. I was feeling pretty good last year when the SIA announced that twin tips were the #1 selling category of skis in North America.
  2. As an undisputed pioneer of this sport, and current proffesional skier, what are your thoughts about freeriding in 2009/2010? Who are your top picks? It's crazy now and super-cool. I'm stoked on the new generation of skiers coming up right now - Tom Wallish, Dane Tudor, Sean Petitt, Nick Martini, Bobby Brown, Henrik Harlaut, I could go on and on. These kids have great energy.
  3. When we first started, Rails & Boxes just comming into existence and untouched by skiers, now, our kids are born in a world of rails & Boxes. What do you forsee in the jib side of things? It's already blowing my mind and I don't see a limit in site. My favorite rail guys to watch are Will Wesson and Andy Parry.
  4. TMC was born in 1994 on top of my parents sports shop, We used to carry your headbands...are they making a come back? Probably not, but props to you and your folks for being right there in the beginning.
  5. What kind of plans do you have for the future? your kids ski? More of the same. This is the best job in the world. My son is skiing a lot now and my daughter will be out there this winter too.
  6. TMC is going on 15 years, thanks for all the inspiration, innovation, and evolution! What would you reccomend for the next generation of Freeriderz!? Have fun, it's by far the most important thing. Oh ya, and watch Salomon Freeski TV so that I can keep doing my job for many years to come.